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Country Background

Myanmar has a population of 53,897,000 people (UNESCAP 2015), and UNESCAP report 2015 indicated that a total of 2.3%, there are an estimated minimum of 1,276,000 people with disabilities living in Myanmar. The First Myanmar National Disability Survey conducted by the Department of Social Welfare and the Leprosy Mission International in 2010, translating to approximately 1.3 million persons living with disability. The World report on Disability (2011) estimated a 6.4% prevalence rate as more realistic (3.8 million persons). Of this, 68.2% are persons with physical impairment, 13.3% are persons with visual impairment, 10.4% are persons with hearing impairment and 8.1% have some form of intellectual disability. Landmine Monitor has identified over 3,450 landmine casualties in Myanmar/Burma from 1999 through the end of 2013. When compared to previous years, landmine casualties in Myanmar during 2013 and early 2014 have decreased.

The socio economic status of people living with disabilities is consider ably lower than the national average, only 15% reporting any current livelihood, with less than 10% attending high school or having access to healthcare. People living with disability also have limited opportunities to participate in community life and activities, and are excluded from the benefits of programs which could improve their quality of life.

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