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ADF Conference and Capacity Building 2018

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

13 &14 December 2018 in the Enabling Village, Singapore

“Socializing the Enabling Master Plan 2025: Mainstreaming the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in ASEAN Community"

As a follow-up on the ratification of CRPD, signatory states are to submit a report to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities two years after the ratification date and once in four years thereafter. This report reviews the implementation of CRPD in the respective states. Civil society also plays a role in ensuring that signatory states fulfill their obligations as expressed in the Convention, that is, by composing an alternative report on the implementation of CRPD in their countries. This alternative report will embody the voices of civil society, which might not be represented by the signatory state’s report.

In addition, public campaigns should be done to raise awareness about the need to remove the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in various settings, a new culture of inclusiveness should be created among the general society. As such, measures should also be taken to ensure that CRPD is understood not only by government officials and law making officers but also by the general population - teachers, media, students, and youths etc.

The CRPD trainings are specially designed to provide adequate knowledge and support for ADF members (and other participants) to prepare for the CRPD Alternative Report as some ASEAN countries will submit their first alternative reports to the CRPD Committee in 2019. CRPD Capacity Building for CRPD Alternative Report session by Prof. Nagase Osamu, Research Centre for Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.

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