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ADF Support International Women Day

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Vietnam, 22 October 2018

Asean Enabling Masterplan 2025: Mainstreaming the Rights if Persons with Disabilities adopted by leaders at 33rd ASEAN Summit in Singapore on 15th November 2018. All we have today is because of our unity, love, respect and dedication. Having a united voice to common interests of all persons with disabilities is effective / efficiency to make any changes. Noted : our means to all persons with disabilities in ASEAN , truely appreciate Seree Kai Nonthasoot, Thai AICHR to make it possible.

The Chair of ADF, Mr. Lim Puay Tiak was accompanied by Ms. Maulani Rotinsulu, ADF Secretary General, Mr. Muhammad Sazali Shaari, ADF Vice-Chair, and other steering committees namely, Mr. Lauro Purcil, Mr. Thien Han Thu, and Mr. Mualimin Abdi presented at the 7th Meeting of Taskforce on the Mainstreaming of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 6th July 2018.

ADF steering committee Thailand, Ms. Saowalak Thongkuay facilitates a group discussion on inclusive employment and work at ASEAN-EU dialogue. Bring the issue of Gender base Violence to the table. Later, ADF is happy to know they continue implementing gender equality within disability. Happier they accept women with disabilities are left behind & disability is still invisible implementing level. Greater challenge is a lack of understanding about "inclusion".

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